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 Rp Contest : The Math Teacher's Out

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PostSubject: Rp Contest : The Math Teacher's Out   Tue Apr 06, 2010 5:47 am

((Settings: Avalon School at London England))

Victoria looked at the clock.... 3:30.. it read.

She grinned it was obvious that their Math teacher is absent. She was happy at this considering that their Math teacher is a Terror one. She can count on her fingers how many times it smiled ; a true smile unlike what she always do the what she call Evil Smile when she plans to terrorize brains by giving loads of Homework.

She looked around the room. Everyone was out of their seats and scattered around the room ; some were playing guitars, some were talking and some were playing spin-the-bottle.

She smiled. "This is what you call LIFE" she thought as she looked at everyone having fun. She didn't really want to join them instead she wanted to sit there and sleep. Last night she had been exhausted considering that she was insomniac. She tried everything that can make her go to sleep but no avail ; it didn't work.

She closed her eyes and sigh. She hoped that she can take a nap now.

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Rp Contest : The Math Teacher's Out
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