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PostSubject: Science; INVESTIGATION 6   Mon Mar 15, 2010 8:27 pm

The Mollusks (Mollusca)

1. Mantle- it encloses the body cavity where the visceral organs, gills and foot are located. It secretes an additional outer homy layer to cover the growing mollusks.

Foot- use for locomation

Dorsal Siphon- (excurrent siphon) the passage way where water goes out

Ventral Siphon- (incurrent siphon) the passage way where water enters

2. The mantle secretes the shell in claims or oyster, the mantle secretes the two(2) shifting shells. The inside shell which is smooth and glistens with a pearly layer.


1. Squid or Cuttlefish- their is the spindle- shaped, the head has two(2) large movable eyes

Octopus- (devil fishes) are round and have eight(Cool arms around the head

Slugs- pulmonates- are related to the land snails except they are naked because they have no shells, they lived in moist area.

Chambered nautilus- is the most beautifully coiled shell.

2. -oyster and clams-used for human food
-capis- used for lamp shares, window panes
-abalone- raised for commercial purposes

3. -pearls are commercially raised in the Philippines
4. -by not destroying their ecosystem
5. -they have beautiful shells
-they have soft body

Special thanks to Alicio
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